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Outlook Holding - Internship Program  

Outlook Holding - Internship Program
Outlook Holding Group, LLC is currently conducting a search for a group of interns to assist in several aspects of new business development. Interns will have three major responsibilities including Sales and Marketing, Client Relations, Reporting Strategies, and Database Structuring and Organization.

The ideal applicants for the internships positions will be highly motivated, creative minded, confident and able to work efficiently both individually and in team environments.

Skills Gained
With the right motivation an intern may gain valuable experience necessary to be successful in today’s business arena. Some of the skills gained from an internship with Outlook Holding Group include articulate communication skills, business writing, computer skills and organizational skills.

Communication Skills
Members of the Outlook team will have the opportunity to converse with a variety of current and potential business clients and partners. This communication will provide interns with the chance to develop a professional repor with Outlook clientele as well as creating new and innovative business relationships with potential business partners.

Writing Skills
Interns will be expected to not only correspond with clientele via E-mail, but also have the ability to develop well written articles and press releases. As a new company, Outlook is determined to spread it’s name to the public through as many avenues as it can, especially written and broadcasted online. Writing will be an integral part of an internship with Outlook Holding Group, LLC.

Computer Skills
You will have the opportunity to become familiar with various computer software programs such as Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Access and Adobe Acrobat.

Organizational Skills
Interns will be responsible for keeping track of various information requests from potential clients, including their personal information. Interns will also respond and follow up with clients and keep track of their progress.

What an Internship with Outlook Holding Will Do for You
- Interns will have the opportunity to work with each subsidiary company of Outlook Holding Group, including Outlook Life, Outlook Health, Instant Life Quotes, and MDonWeb, Inc. to experience the differences between each company.
- Interns will be able to explore the areas of sales, marketing, client relations, organization, administration, reporting strategies, and time management
- Students will have the opportunity to be an integral part a new and quickly growing organization
- Potential compensation through bonuses

Outlook Holding Group believes that a successful internship with Outlook Holding Group will provide students exposure to many multifaceted aspects of business allowing them to utilize each of their many skill levels to best determine their future career fields.

Skills you will need:

- Ability to work by self-motivation with little supervision
- Trainable
- Ability to Multitask
- High Energy Level
- Detail Oriented
- Well organized
- Creative

Additional Information:
An internship with Outlook requires at least 20 hours per week. While there is no base pay for this position, commission bonuses are available based on an intern’s performance and quality of work. College credit will be awarded to all selected interns.

If Interested:
Contact Matt Beyer at (866) 866-0242 ext. 902 or at jobs@outlookholding.com