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About Us
About us  

About Outlook Holding Group
The essence of a successful organization is upholding the ideals of unprecedented customer value, long lasting relationships and unparalleled experience.  Outlook Holding Group embodies these characteristics of success through each of its six subsidiary organizations.   This unique compilation of life, health, mortgage and marketing organizations utilize every angle of the online industry in order to best serve the community both locally and globally.  Outlook Holding Group maintains a solid foundation of integrity and fortitude to keep its organizations on the cutting edge of business.

Respected (Outlook Life L.L.C.)
Outlook Life has become a respected and trusted online insurance agency, specializing in providing affordable life insurance to individuals regardless of their health conditions.  Through A rated carriers, each case is individually underwritten to guarantee each client receives a specialized rating.  Outlook Life ensures that every insurable individual is rated based on more than just statistics. Outlook Life specializes in Diabetic Life Insurance and No Exam Life Insurance Learn More...

Pioneering (Outlook Health L.L.C.)
Outlook Health provides healthcare savings through the same networks insurance companies contract with to obtain discounts for doctors, hospitals, dentists, pharmacies and other provider services. This means our members receive savings on all of their healthcare needs through some of the largest networks in the nation!  Learn More...  

Unmatched Versatility (Outlook Finance L.L.C.)
Outlook Finance is a National Mortgage Bank and Broker partnered with over one hundred lenders as well as our own line of innovative products to provide you with the most reliable, affordable and personalized loans available. With the capability of lending in 48 states, Outlook Finance has loans for people in every corner of America. Learn More...

Niche Marketed (Instant Life Quotes L.L.C.)
Instant Life Quotes is a leading provider of instant online insurance designed to protect mortgages, business investments, families and more.  This unique approach to insurance allows individuals to choose, purchase and print their insurance policy within ten minutes!  No underwriting, no hassle, no wait.  Learn More...

Personalized (IMNetwork Corp.)
IMNetwork specializes in providing both individuals as well as organizations with the online tools necessary to promote themselves in the internet community.  Each client is able to have a website created and positioned for them to maximize online presence and exposure.  IMNetwork provides every opportunity available to create online success.  Lean More...

Global (MDonWeb Org.)
MDonWeb is a revolutionary health information website, allowing for easy access to educational resources and an online health community.  This website provides a library of health related information aimed at educating the public within an easy-to-navigate network.