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Outlook Health declared online "Movers and Shakers"  

Outlook Health declared online "Movers and Shakers"

Alexa Web Search, online website traffic computer releases Outlook Health statistics.

Fountain Hills, AZ, November 19, 2004 Outlook Health, member of Outlook Holding Group, LLC, www.outlookholding.com, has been declared “Movers and Shakers” on the web by Alexa Web Search. Within two weeks of launching the Outlook Health website www.outlookhealth.com, it has reached a 30,000% increase in popularity within the online community, indicating an approximated total of 8,000 website hits per day. Data from Alexa proves that given the current trend, traffic to the Outlook Health Website will increase to more than 16 million hits within the next three months. This web based rank has also projected a nearly 16,000% increase in rank of the Outlook website within three month’s time.

“We are excited about the rapid success of Outlook Health.” says David Racich, President and CEO of Outlook Holding Group. “These numbers are truly indicative that our organization is making a difference in people’s lives by providing them with the assistance that they need.”

“We are elated to have the opportunity to reach such a large population,” says Eric Palmer, Director of Business Development for Outlook Health. “We have set out to provide a healthcare product that will truly benefit every member and their family.”

Outlook Health, part of Outlook Holding Group, LLC is a unique healthcare savings plan designed to cater towards those who are unable to qualify for or obtain traditional health insurance, by discounting their total medical costs. The Outlook Health Care plan, at only $59 per month allows individuals and families to enroll in a 16 benefit savings plan which includes a more than 350,000 physician network, as well as Aetna Dental providers. This discount can also be used for chiropractic, vision and prescription costs.

About Outlook Holding Group, LLC
This unique compilation of life insurance, health savings and financial organizations utilize every angle of the online industry in order to best serve the community both locally and globally. Outlook Holding Group maintains a solid foundation of integrity and fortitude to keep its organizations on the cutting edge of business. OutlookLife.com, OutlookHealth.com, InstantLifeQuotes.com, IMNetwork.us and MDonWeb.org make up the subsidiary organizations within Outlook Holding Group. To learn more about each of these organizations please visit www.outlookholding.com.

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