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Outlook Holding Group & Instant Life Quotes joins supplier program  

Outlook Holding Group & Instant Life Quotes joins supplier program with Reality Executives International, Inc.

Outlook Holding Group has joined the Reality Executives International, Inc's "Registered Supplier Program" to offer instant protection to insure homes and families without the hassle of underwriting.

FOUNTAIN HILLS, AZ - (Aug. 08, 2004) Instant Life Quotes (ILQ), www.instantlifequotes.com, a subsidiary organization under Outlook Holding Group, www.outlookholding.com, has teamed up with Realty Executives International (REI) as a registered supplier of mortgage protection nationwide. Instant Life Quote’s purpose is to instantly provide mortgage protection with the purchase of a new home to buyers around the country. Instant Life Quotes, along with Realty Executives International, realizes that the average consumer typically does not have the time to obtain the necessary protection from a traditional insurance carrier given lengthy underwriting periods.

“Applying for a mortgage requires a great deal of time.” says Outlook Holding Group’s Director of Sales, Matt Beyer. “Why wait another 5 to 7 weeks for medical underwriting to protect your home, when you can have a policy in 10 minutes.”

Instant Life Quotes will be educating realtors on the benefits of Instant Issue mortgage protection, which includes immediate protection for up to $450,000, with no underwriting and no hassle.

“This partnership is a great opportunity for both REI and ILQ,” says David Racich, President and CEO of Outlook Holding Group. “It has never been easier for consumers to apply for insurance online and be so quickly approved.”

This unique partnership allows home buyers and insurance shoppers to simply visit www.instantlifequotes.com, apply for the coverage they desire and have a policy in-hand in ten minutes or less. Instant Life Quotes now allows consumers to obtain the protection they need without the headache and hassle of underwriting.

About Outlook Holding Group
This unique compilation of life insurance, health savings and financial organizations utilize every angle of the online industry in order to best serve the community both locally and globally. Outlook Holding Group maintains a solid foundation of integrity and fortitude to keep its organizations on the cutting edge of business. OutlookLife.com, OutlookHealth.com, InstantLifeQuotes.com, IMNetwork.us and MDonWeb.org make up the subsidiary organizations within Outlook Holding Group. To learn more about each of these organizations please visit www.outlookholding.com.

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